RO Water Purifiers

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KENT Health Plus
Rs. 3,450.00 Rs. 3,250.00 You save : Rs. 200.00 (6%)
Next Gen UF water purifier Best fit for wash basin and sink Provides additional protection from micro-organisms such as bacteria...
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KENT Wonder
Rs. 18,500.00 Rs. 15,500.00 You save : Rs. 3,000.00 (16%)
Wall-mounted / Counter-top Purifier with Transparent Detachable Storage Tank Mineral ROTM Technology that retains Essential Natural Minerals Double Purification of RO...
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KENT Supreme Plus
Rs. 19,500.00 Rs. 17,500.00 You save : Rs. 2,000.00 (10%)
Purifier with in-tank UV disinfection Multistage purification by RO+UV+UF+TDS Control Purifies brackish, tap and municipal corporation water Fully automatic operation,...
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Rs. 60,000.00 Rs. 54,000.00 You save : Rs. 6,000.00 (10%)
4 stage purification process Intelligent controls Overflow protection Double purification of RO+UF Mineral ROTM Technology World’s top-quality certifications Multi-functional and...
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